Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Devil Is In Love With Me

The Devil is in love with me.

The other day
His eyes greeted mine.
Now, memories are unburied
Just Like familiar bones from the grave
Of a once dear soul;
Memories of torments
Garnished with pains
By the wickedness of his hands.

He's willing to turn my stones to bread,
Pamper me with appealing menaces.
At my doorstep, he stands.
Daily Knocking,
Sweet words dropping off his jaw.
The devil's in love with me.

Though the radiance of his wealth
May Flash bright at me,
Causing my feet to marvel.
I will not stumble.
Though he asks me to bow,
So he'll be mine. So they'll be mine.
I have vowed
To never worship his feet.

The devil wants to be my lover
But I owe my heart to a vinedresser
Who, for my cause, rested on his knees
To wash my dirty feet
And still freely gave His all
For me.

Friday, 16 June 2017


Tell me why you wouldn't let me hold you
By the hand,
And let emotions run through us
Like a river of electrons flowing through a ready circuit
Tell me why you wouldn't let me look into your eyes,,
Professing my love for you,
Like a prophet entertaining his congregation
With seasoned words from the depth of his heart.

Tell me why you wouldn't let me kiss you
To discern what flavour emanates
From your scrumptious lips,
And gulp your lively  breath down my inside
So my dead hope would rise to life.

Tell me why your words can't be my healing
And my smile, your fall. 

Tell me why you wouldn't help me quench
This ancient thirst for love
And end this forever journey
To a promise land of affections. 

This wilderness is tiring.
Night is here
My thighs are cold.
Your love is my need.
My need is killing me.

Save me.
Let me look up Unto you.
So I would forever live
By the might of your love.

Draw me nearer
And kiss away my sanity
So I would proclaim to every soul
The righteous foolery of your love.

Fix me.
Coz in the midst of your palms
Lies the other half
Of my broken heart.

Save Me.
Kiss Me.
Fix Me.
So I won't die
By the cold sword of this night.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

April Fool 2

I woke up, and everything seemed bright. Too bright.

I heard loud voices outside, heavy feet hitting the ground. Sad music kissed my ears.

I made for the window. Peeped. There were people moving, murmuring, they had no faces. An old man was playing the guitar with seven long fingers. Three babies were carrying the bright sun on their heads, moving westwards.

Shivers tickled down my spine.

Gradually, it turned night. I went back to bed. Then again, i saw him, the old man. Lying beside me. He smiled, and worms with heads of fire stared through his mouth. I gasped.

"April Fool." He said.

I woke up, again.